6 Lip-Smacking Dishes You Can Make From Potatoes

Potato is probably the most common vegetable. It is used in the preparation of several dishes. Aaloo Gobhi, Aaloo Gajar, Aaloo Matar, Aaloo- Baingan, it is used in several cuisines. Not only in typical Indian dishes, it is also used in international cuisines like fries, curries, pies, cutlets etc. You can love them, or hate them, but you can’t simply ignore the potatoes. It is one of the most easy to grow vegetables which requires minimum fertilizers and chemicals.

You can fry them, bake them, or boil them. There’s so much to try from this single vegetable. While the list is long, we have jotted down 7 lip-smacking dishes you can make from Potatoes.

1- Dum Aaloo Lakhnavi:

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Dum Aaloo are always Love. And when we add Laknavi Tadka to it, no other dish can beat it. Fried Potatoes stuffed with paneer and masaledar Onions in rich Tomota Gravy- what else do you want!!

2- Batata Vada:

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It is a famous dish in Maharashtra. You can easily find it on the streets of Mumbai. Batata means Potato. Mash the potatoes, add spicy masala to it, coat with thick besan and deep fry it. People also have it with Pav which ultimately becomes Vada Pav.

3- Honey Chilli Potatoes:

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Honey Chilli Potatoes are one of the best snacks. I have had my best one in Delhi, because obviously, Delhi has a different Zayka and is known for yummy food. They are also quick to make.

4- Achaari Aaloo:

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What can be better than adding the achaari flavour to monotonous Potatoes. Toss the fried potatoes in Vinegar, Mustard Seeds and Achaari spices.

5- Fried Aaloo Chaat:

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You can have your best Aaloo Chaat in Chandni Chowk of Delhi. You must give it a try. Tamaring and Mint chutney are an add ons to this Chaat.

6- Heeng aur Dhaniye ke chatpate Aaloo:

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Add the flavours of Heeng and Dhaniya Masaledaar Aaloo. Toss it in lemon juice, ginger, and chillies.




Published by Kanika Saina on 07 Aug 2018

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