Get creative with using the crumbs of Poha in these ways!

Do you have any leftover Poha at your home and you do not want to throw it away? Then friends in this article you will see 3 brilliant ways of using the leftover Poha at home. Poha is a very famous and much loved breakfast meal enjoyed in all parts of India. In fact these days Poha is been served abroad also as a part of healthy breakfast option.  Eating Poha is healthy and also is very light to digest. The making process is also very simple and you can add your own add-ons to make the Poha more delicious. If you have any leftover Poha for the day, then reuse the Poha in these three brilliant ways.

Poha Paratha:

You can now get creative in your kitchen by trying up the Poha Paratha with the leftover crumbs. Paratha again can be made under variant styles and trying the Poha paratha is yet another unique style.  This adds taste to the normal paratha and your leftover Poha will also not go waste. To make the Poha paratha all you need to do is, just take the finely prepared dove and roll out the ball, stuff the Poha in the dough and then cover the dough ball with some dried flour. Then roll out in paratha form and cook well both sides and enjoy the new creation.

Poha Pakoda:

If you have made Poha for breakfast today, then using the leftover you can make the delicious tasting Poha Pakoda for the evening brunch and enjoy with the evening tea.  Yes, the Poha Pakoda is another creative way of using the leftover Poha. The pakoda turns out to be very tasty and combining with sweet chutney or mint chutney and a sip of hot tea will make your evening so refreshing.  You can choose your own list of ingredients for making the Poha Pakoda and just like normal pakoda; deep fry till golden brown and crispy and enjoy eating.

Poha Tikki:

Poha Tikki can also be made with the left over Poha. This dish is very tasty and time consuming also. The Poha tikki just like Poha Pakoda can be the perfect evening snack to enjoy with evening tea. The Tikki made out of leftover Poha is healthy and delicious to taste. Combing the tikki with tomato sauce or mint chutney calls for a perfect evening snack to enjoy at home.

Published by Mamtha Reddy on 03 Aug 2018

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