Learn how Mishri can help you get relief from severe cough!

Coughing is a common infection seen among people. The cough gets dreadful if lasts long. Sore throat and cough goes hand-in-hand. People suffering from cough will often have sore throat and the medicines available for treating cough has side effects, major one sleep. So, we bring to you a natural home remedy that is rock sugar and sweet in taste and also does wonders acting as great mouth freshener.  Mishri is the secret home remedy that helps in curing cough naturally at home.

Mishri is a beneficial ingredient which acts as great energy booster and also improves the hemoglobin.  Coughing is very disturbing and to get instant relief is not that easy. But, with eating the sweet mouth fresher, instant relief gets possible now. The Mishri when consumed starts its power to melt the mucus and releases out of body, providing great relief from sore throat and bad coughing. Our experts have also come up suggestion to take Mishri as safe and natural home remedy for coughing.  Coughing is treated as two type’s mainly wet and non-productive one. Eating of Mishri in both the types of coughing symptom is highly beneficial.

Mishri is small white color sweet rock candy that can be happily consumed by any age group except for the toddlers. However, the experts say that even if there is no cough, eating Mishri benefits the body naturally. Mishri can eliminate the sputum from the body and gives a soothing breathe naturally. Let us now find out how the sweet rocky candy helps in rescuing from cough and sore throat.

Mishri- great cough relief: how?

Mishri can be directly consumed. If you are suffering with cough and sore throat, then take few granules of Mishri and put in your mouth. Then slowly swallow them. When you do so, the sugar granules starts to get dissolved thus providing relief to sore throat.  Mishri can also be clubbed with equal quantity of black pepper and then grinding them to powder. You can take this powder during night before hitting the bed. Drink normal glass of water after eating Mishri in night.

The other best way to use Mishri powder is to mix with tea or coffee in place of sugar. This will keep the body healthy and also keep you away from unwanted extra sugar level in the body. Do try this natural home remedy at home.

Published by Mamtha Reddy on 02 Aug 2018

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