Vratwali Kheer Recipe!

Tasty and delicious Vratwali kheer: recipe – Serves 2

In India, fasting is very common. There are several occasions and festivals where people of different culture go on fast. There are various occasion of fasting in India like Navratri and more. To grace the occasion and make it more special, we have the special Vratwali kheer recipe to share with you. India is land of cultures and in every culture there are people who fast and shower their dedication towards the supreme lord.

The Vratwali kheer recipe is the special fasting dish to eat during fast. The time required to make the delicious kheer is less than one hour and all the ingredients are the basic ones used in the kitchen. So you really don’t have to send some extra bugs on buying the ingredients. This recipe is very tasty and the combination of milk and rice with added flavors is something you would crave for especially when you are fasting.  The parsai used in this recipe is very delicious and makes the kheer very tasty and rich. Let us now quickly see the list of ingredients we need in the making process of the special recipe.

Ingredients required in making Vratwali kheer: serves 2

1 Liter Milk, full cream

1/4 Cup Samwat / parsai ke Chawal (washed)

1/2 Cup Sugar

10-12 Kishmish (raisins)

4 Small Elaichi (green cardamoms)

10-12 Almonds (shredded)

Method of making the Vratwali kheer recipe:

To get started with, take the rice and soak in water for some time. Take a big pan and add milk to it. Bring the milk to boil. When you feel that the milk will now come to the boiling point, lower the flame of the gas stove and add the soaked rice to the milk pan. Use a string spoon and mix the rice and milk. Let the rice get cooked well in the milk and let it get thick.

This will take little time so be patient enough to let the rice be cooked properly. Use a spoon to mix the rice so that it does not stick don in the vessel. Now you can see the rice getting thick. Add sugar and rests of the ingredients and mix well. Let the boiling at low flame be continued. Garnish with the shredded almonds and serves hot or chill as you wish. Enjoy the tasty Vratwali kheer at home.

Published by Mamtha Reddy on 30 Jul 2018

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