Five healthy soups to get fat down this season

Soups. They are the best and easy option when it comes to battle those mood swings and keeping it low on the stomach.

Reasons why soups make for a decent gamble for weight reduction;

  1. The fluid remainder of the soup, not just keeps you hydrated yet in addition satiated for a long time without the cost of an excessive number of calories.
  2. There is sufficient space to explore different avenues regarding soups. You can toss in your favourite veggies, meat, herbs and flavours to make yourself a healthy and weight reduction. Pick veggies that are high in fibre.
  3. Soups guarantee that you don’t miss out on healthy strands.

Here are delicious soup recipes you can make at home for weight reduction;


  • Green Cucumber Shots


This soup is a delectable invention of cucumber with flavours and herbs like cilantro, basil, garlic and a tangy piece of lime. The cool soup also packs the decency of garlic, romaine lettuce and olive oil.

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  • Spiced spinach soup with cottage cheddar bread garnishes


Filled with the decency of spinach, dill leaves, fenugreek leaves, coriander and mustard seeds, this aromatic soup is a powerhouse of weight reduction cordial strands. The chat masala-flavoured cottage cheddar bread garnish is another healthy, delicious addition to this soup.

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  •  Bean And Chicken Soup Recipe


Chicken has a gigantic fan following in the realm of health and sustenance. Chicken is packed with lean protein that causes you keep satiated for a longer time. The combination of beans and tomato further takes the nutritional substance of the sustenance to an all-time high.

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  • Carrot and Tomato Soup


Much has been said about weight reduction advantages of both carrot and tomato. Packed with great quality filaments, this mix is a delicious way to shed those pounds and give it a healthier twist, dump the cream garnishing.

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  • Moong Dal Shorba


Moong dal is packed with weight reduction protein and strands as well. This Indian soup is made of lentils and soothing flavours and is a great way to get more fit without compromising on the taste buds.

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Clear soups are a superior pick for weight reduction than the cream-based one. Wise decisions and weight reduction go hand in hand. Make beyond any doubt you just make use of healthy ingredients while cooking your soup. Also, avoid bread garnishes as they are broiled and may hamper your reduction plans.

Published by Mamtha Reddy on 26 Jul 2018

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