Foods that you must try in Sri Lanka

We have created a list of some popular and yummy foods that you must try when you are in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan cooking boasts of large quantities of incredible dishes.

Check out the list –

Fish ambul thiyal (sour fish curry)

Ambul thiyal is a dehydrated curry dish, entailing all the constituents get boiled with a small quantity of water and simmered until the liquid reduces.

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Kottu (also, kottu roti)

It looks like fried rice, except in place of rice, it’s prepared with a kind of roti called godamba roti (a flat, crunchy bread).

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Polos (green jackfruit curry)

Jackfruit is used in countless different phases of maturity, from full-grown and sugary to green and starchy. Polos is a well known Sri Lankan curry made using young green jackfruit.

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Wambatu moju (eggplant/brinjals pickle)

Served generally with rice and curries, wambatu moju is a very tasty eggplant (brinjals) pickle.

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Gotu kola sambol (pennywort salad)

Gotu kola has a potent, nonwoody taste like kale, making it a tremendously fresh and crunchy dish. It’s normally a side dish enjoyed with curry and rice.

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Kiribath with lunu miris

Kiribath is a unique kind of rice, made using broad coconut milk and frequently enjoyed during unique or special occasions, like Sinhalese New Year.

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Pol Sambol (coconut relish)

Pol sambol, which might also be named as fresh coconut relish, is a simple combination of thinly shredded coconut, red onions, dried whole chilies or chili powder, lime sap, salt and Maldive fish (if available). The components are chopped or ground, then mixed in a bowl. In Sri Lanka, it gets utilized as a food to decorate or as side dish.

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Wood apple

Walking through a market in Sri Lanka your nose will sense the aroma of Wood apple instantly. Within the case is a dark brown glue, which looks like something between tamarind soft tissue and fermented raisins.

Published by Mamtha Reddy on 25 Jul 2018

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