Revealed The Reason Behind The Dhaba Walas Soaking Green Chilies In Vinegar-Water Solution

People these days travel a lot, be it in their own country to abroad. It has become the next big hobby and is on everyone’s wish-list. Travelling is one kind of a stress reliever and also gives a major change in our daily lifestyle which is a must for all of us.

If you are travelling in India then you might come across a number of dhabas, especially if you are no on road trip. We all must have had the tasty food of the Dhabas which comes at a pocket-friendly rate plus there’s a large variety and it is simply lip-smacking.

But folks, while enjoying your delicious meals, have you ever noticed whole green chillies dipped in a transparent solution? I guess almost every one of us must have seen this. And you must be wondering what’s with this and why majority of the dhabas have such chilies. Well, here’s the answer.

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The transparent solution in which the green chillies are soaked is a blend of vinegar and water. The reason behind why green chilies are kept in for a considerable time period is to decrease the spiciness of the chilies. Doing as such won’t just lessen the spiciness of the chilies, but the chilies will also get a sweet and sour combo of a flavor. These chilies are the best for the ones who can’t eat highly spicy food. And if you really want to enjoy having chilies, these can be your perfect choice. Also, that goes without saying that the delicious food served at the dhabas will taste super-duper lip-smacking when enjoyed with these chilies. In this way, regardless of whether you are a flavor addict, you can go for vinegar-plunged chillies as they add a pleasant punch to the feast.

So folks, if you want to make this kind of chilies at home then it’s very simple. Simply submerge seeded, entire green chillies in a blend of 1 part of vinegar to 3 parts of water. Allow the chilies to soak for around two hours. This technique keeps the distinct flavor flawless and furthermore helps in disposing of the additional warmth.

Now, that you know why dhabas store green chillies in this way, make this solution in the comforts of your kitchen and reduce the heat of the chillies without deseeding them.

Published by Mamtha Reddy on 19 Jul 2018

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