Puerh Tea: China’s Special Delicacy To Shed Weight

Puerh tea is from China’s Yunnan region and it gets refined from the plant named Camellia sinensis that also provides other variants of tea. What turns this puerh tea special from other types of teas available is that it gets soured like oolong tea and then experiences one more process called post-fermentation.

Once it gets fermented, leaves get dried naturally by the sun and aged in a high dampness surroundings. As it is stated, the more aged wine is, the better it tastes. In the same way, this special tea turns better the longer it is saved. It is a unique delicacy in China and frequently available just like cake or brick.

Known Benefits of Puerh Tea

  1. Cleansing

This tea is helpful for blood purification as well as digestion. The various foods, which we consume, may have fatty oils, toxins and chemicals that can harm our body eventually. Puerh tea is advantageous in cleansing the body as well as blood.

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  1. Helps lessen anxiety

The existence of phytochemicals GABA as well as theanine has been showcased to lessen the levels of constant worry and augment the fabrication of natural melatonin within human brain that provides sound sleep and reduced pressure.

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  1. Promotes overall physical condition

The existence of antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties turns this special tea a healthy drink. Antioxidants present in the beverage aids drive away free radicals within the body and defend it from any illness.

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  1. May control cholesterol

The ageing procedure of this tea can lead to the fabrication of lovastatin, a natural statin, which is said to administer high cholesterol levels.

How does this special tea help shed weight?

An animal research released from China’s section of Life Science and Biotechnology- Kunming University detected that dosages of puerh tea aided shed body weight, lower the level of cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. It is also known for its capability to assist burn fat and get rid of pounds by aiding your body to metabolize fat.

Published by Mamtha Reddy on 12 Jul 2018

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