Extreme Diets That People Swear On For Losing Weight

People these days have become quite particular about their fitness. From hitting the gym regularly to maintaining a strict diet, they do it all to be in shape. And these days it has become mandatory to stay fit or else you will always feel low and less energetic. Plus, google and various videos on Youtube can help you out in being fit. You need not spend thousands of rupees to visit a dietician or a trainer for your fitness.

Well, as we all know it’s not easy for any person to lose weight. It takes a hell lot of time to get back in shape and maintain it on the continuous basis. But do you know some people indulge in some extreme diets for their weight lose which I guess not is everyone’s cup of tea.

Here are a few extreme diets plans which people follow for losing weight.

  1. The tapeworm diet

It sounds a bit gross but this is practically a self induced diarrhea. These worms are the organisms that can breed in your intestine. This means they can also share the nutrition and fats of the food you consume. There are certain pills which induce the growth of tapeworms in your body which makes you slim because of incomplete nutrition.

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  1. Baby Food Diet

This seems really easy but it is not that simple to opt for such a diet. Having boiled, pureed vegetables for 10 days without salt or any other spices can be a really a torture to your tongue.

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  1. Cotton Ball Diet

I guess I don’t need to tell you the use of cotton. But I bet you won’t be aware that cotton is used for losing weight too. As per a research, some people actually make use of cotton balls to shed extra kilos. The recipe to this crazy diet is goes like this. All you need to do is chew one plate of cotton balls dipped in your favourite fruit juice. You have to follow this for a week till your body gets deprived of all the basic nutrients.

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  1. David Kirsch 48-hour super charged cleanse

In this diet, all you got to do is just have lemonade for 48 hours. For those who follow this diet, you can’t even drink water. Just have lemonade for minimum 48 hours in order to shed weight.

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  1. Miracle Diet

This diet will definitely create miracle if you follow it properly. Also known as Hollywood diet, it is all about making your body run on fruits or fruit juice for a span of 48 hours, minimum.

So folks, would you opt for any of the above diets for weight loss? Tell us in comments.

Published by Mamtha Reddy on 02 Jul 2018

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