This Monsoon Binge On These Super Delicious Food Instead Of Burgers And Pizzas

Monsoon is a season which some people like while some people hate. The reason why some people hate this season is because of floods, excess traffic, potholes, dirty and wet clothes and power cuts. But monsoon also gives us various reasons to love this nature’s gift. The cool climate, the greenery of plants and tress gives us a refreshing feels, nature appears ten times more beautiful than it ever looked. Well, apart from this, there are a must to have food items which are frequently made and you simply love to gorge because why not!

It’s a generation of pizzas and burgers and other junk which people nowadays binge on during monsoons. However, in earlier days, there were fixed set of foods which were cooked in each and every household to just enjoy this cool refreshing weather.

Take a look at the list of those food items:

  1. Masala chai (Flavored tea)

Chai and monsoon goes hand-in-hand. As soon as it starts pouring, the first thing we like to have is a cup or maybe cups and cups of hot masala tea. Tea tastes the best especially if you are back home all wet and need to have something hot to lift up your spirits. So grab a cup of tea and sit near the balcony enjoying the rains.

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  1. Pakoras (Fritters)

Pakoras are not a healthy version of food but when it’s raining, this is a must have. Every household in our country binges on this food item. Potato, onion, paneer, and many more types of fritters are made and enjoyed with a cup of masala chai.

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  1. Samosas and green chutney (baked pastry with coriander chilli dip)

Samosas are also quite popular food item which is normally consumed in our country. Just imagine, some smoking hot samosas are being made and to add more taste to it, you have spicy green chutney. Can this get any better? Besides there are many varieties of samosas like chinese samosa, pasta samosa, keema samosa, nutria samosa, paneer samosa.

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  1. Maggi

Be it kids to adults, Maggi is one thing which no one can resist eating. And especially when it’s raining, just spare two-minutes for making it and you are done. A bowl full of hotness with lots of flavor on a rainy day can make wonders.

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  1. Soup

People usually consume soups in winter as they think it’s kind of a wintery thing but no my friends. A bowl full of hot soup will not just relax you but also satisfy you in this chilly rainy weather. Manchow soup, lemon coriander soup, tomato soup, sweet corn soups are some of the best ones you can try out.

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So folks, the rains are here and we have given you enough ideas to binge upon some delicious dishes. Enjoy!

Published by Mamtha Reddy on 30 Jun 2018

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