Tasty Melon with Lime and Mint Ice!

Recipe of melon with lime and mint ice!

The recipe of delicious sorbet is here and is sure you must be waiting to know about the recipe in more. So, friends, the wait is over as here in this article you will get all the details about the Melon with lime and mint ice sorbet. If you are looking for something that is very cool and is healthy, then this sorbet is a perfect choice. The melon and lime content in this recipe will help in keeping the tummy hydrated and cool.  Moreover, if you have some guests coming at home or have a get-together party, then you can try out this sorbet making and serve at home.

The amazing and delicious tasting melon with lime and mint ice is very easy to make and hardly takes any time. Within the time frame of 35 minutes or less, the sorbet is all ready to serve. Coming to the ingredients part, all of them are easily available for purchase in the market. The delicious sorbet is made with melons dusted with pepper, chilled and topped lemon and mint ice that give a refreshing taste. When garnished and serve, this gives an impressive look. So let us not wait anymore to get all the details of things we need to make the recipe.

Ingredients: makes 1

2 melons – halved, seeds removed

Crushed black pepper

450 ml water

Pared rind 3 limes

150 gm. grain sugar

Handful mint leaves

Juice of 6 limes

For garnish:

1/2 sliced cucumber

Mint leaves

Fruits, optional

Method of making:

To get started, first thing to do is take melon and sprinkle out some pepper on to it. Then store this in the fridge to get chill. Then in a bowl take water and to this add sugar and let the sugar get dissolved in the water completely. Keep stirring to get this step really done faster. Then boil the water on low flame for about 10 minutes and then add mint leaves and hot syrup, after few minutes remove and strain out.

To this add lime juice and now get ready to keep the sorbet in the fridge allowing it to set well. Now once this is set, take it out and spoon with the hollow of melon and garnish with cucumber, mint leaves, and lemon piece and serve chill.

Published by Mamtha Reddy on 14 Jun 2018

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