Recipe of Kuttu aur Singhare Ke Aate Ki Poori! 

Kuttu Aur Singhare Ke Aate Ki Poori:

The Recipe of Kuttu aur Singhare Ke Aate Ki poori is something you should give it a try at home. This dish is one of the most popular Navrati special dishes which are well suited to make and eat during fasting. The amazing Kuttu and Singhare flour used in the recipe is very much healthy and stomach filling ingredients. As during the fasting period, you can eat only one time, this recipe is the perfect choice to make and eat. Your stomach will be full for entire day not making you feel hungry at regular intervals.

The Kuttu aur Singhare Ke Aate Ki Poori is very easy and simple to make.  The ingredients used in making the recipe are also very easily in market and most of them are regular kitchen used ones.  The whole wheat flour used in the dish turns out to be very useful in making delicious and tempting pooris or roti’s.  Eating the recipe is just not constrained to fasting days or Navrati occasion. You can eat it at any point of time. Let us now quickly bump in the list of ingredients and making method of this yummy recipe.

Ingredients required in making the recipe:

1 Cup Singhare flour

1 Medium Potato (boiled)

To taste Sendha namak

For frying Oil

1 Cup Kuttu flour

Method of making the recipe:

Making of the yummy Kuttu aur Singhare ke aate Ki poori is very simple and does not require much time.  The total time required in making the recipe is only 30 minutes. Let us find out the actual method of making the simple and easy recipe.

To get started, take the Kuttu and Singhare ka flour and mix in a bowl. Add some sendha salt to this.

Now grate the potatoes and add the flour to this.

Now slowly add water little-by-little and knead the flour making it in dough form. Keep aside for some time.

Then go ahead with making small dumplings kind of structure with the dough.

Roll the dough into small sheets round shaped and deep fry in oil till this becomes dark golden brown in color.

Serve this with Aloo or kheer and enjoy the emptions taste of the poori.

Thus, you are done with making the yummy dish of Kuttu aur Singhare Ke Atta Ki Poori.

Published by Mamtha Reddy on 11 Jun 2018

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